Radite sa nama

Zahvaljujući našim Vapianistima, Vapiano je postao ono što jeste danas. Ponosni smo na naše izvrsne Vapiano timove širom sveta.


Pridružite se našim Vapianistima koji širom sveta doprinose svojim fantastičnim stanovištem! Uvek tražimo ljude sa entuzijazmom koji strastveno pristupaju onome što rade. 

Negujte svoje talente sa VAPIANOM i svojim veštinama doprinesite našem rastu! Pratićemo tok vaše karijere uz pomoć naših odličnih obuka i prilika za napredovanje.


  • Strast ka svežim proizvodima / kuhinji
  • Zadovoljstvo u radu sa ljudima
  • Pouzdanost
  • Veliku posvećenost
  • Pozitivni stav


  • Izvrsne mogućnosti za razvoj vaše karijere
  • Stalne treninge
  • Stabilnu poziciju
  • Niz izazovnih i interesantnih zadataka
  • Rad u dinamičnom timu i prijatnom radnom okruženju 
  • Mogućnosti za međunarodnu karijeru

Vapiano nudi veliki izbor poslovnih mogućnosti sa lokalnim i međunarodnim perspektivama, brinući se da se angažovanost i posvećenost isplati. Ovde možete naći naša trenutno slobodna radna mesta.

[Translate to Serbian:] YOUR RESTAURANT CAREER

  • Upravljanje restoranom

    [Translate to Serbian:] You are highly committed, have an eye for detail and happen to be a fan of the system gastronomy? Then you can be a role model and motivator for your team – either as team supervisor, assistant manager or restaurant manager.

    With us, you quickly take on management responsibilities in the restaurant. You build leadership skills to an expert level and develop your team’s potential. Thanks to your knowledge in local restaurant marketing and a healthy hands-on mentality, you make an essential contribution to your and our common success.


    • Completed vocational training in system catering or similar trade
    • Ideally on-the-job experience in system catering
    • In-depth knowledge in business administration
    • Leadership competence
    • Initiative and self-dependent way of working
    • Resilience and flexibility
    • Excellent communication skills

    Ready to work for a globally expanding company with great training and career opportunities? Then please apply for one of our restaurant management positions.

  • Otvorena kuhinja

    [Translate to Serbian:] The most important feature of Vapiano is its open-style show kitchen, where our fresh pasta dishes, pizzas, antipasti and salads are prepared live in front of the guests. But that’s not all: Besides cooking it is all about communication, giving information, laughing and of course, making our guests happy.

    Working at the front-cooking stations means delivering constantly optimal quality and attending each guest’s individual preferences.

  • Recepcija i kasa

    [Translate to Serbian:] Handling both reception and check-out, you will be the first and last contact of our guests during their visit to the Vapiano. You are there to give them a friendly welcome and goodbye and assist in all questions and suggestions.

  • Servis

    [Translate to Serbian:] In the service, you make sure that your Vapiano always shows its best side.

  • Bar

    [Translate to Serbian:] At the bar, you are sommelier, barista and barkeeper in one person. You know which wine matches best which Vapiano dish, how to make the city’s best cappuccino and in which glass to serve a cognac.

  • Pranje sudova

    [Translate to Serbian:] Each restaurant is bent on a perfectly organised scullery behind the scenes. Support the cooks in their daily work and become an important part of the team.

  • Manifattura i kuhinja za pripremu

    [Translate to Serbian:] At Vapiano, we prepare almost everything fresh each day: sauces, pesto, pasta, pizza dough and dolci. In our manifattura and our preparation kitchen, we produce, weigh, pack, cut, pre-portion and cook day-by-day. All in accordance with our high freshness, hygiene and quality standards!